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Rashmi Chaudhary
October 24, 2009, 7 am
Hi Siddhi,
I think yesterday night I was talking to you. Thank you so much. I could sleep so well… I don’t know when I slept.
Healing Partners
Most emotional pains are because of strained and unhappy relationships. May it be a problem with the boss or a problem with your spouse. Do not keep waiting for others to change so that one fine day you may feel great. Start by learning to be fine, irrespective of others response towards you. Some of the self-help services, self-help techniques and online counselling services will help you in relationship healing, depression healing, inner child healing and above all, understanding your relationships in the true sense.
Your body is an epitome of supreme intelligence. Never ignore the signals that your body is sending out to you. Each body part has a message to give you. When you ignore them, you and your body both could suffer. Understand your body and understand your own self. Use cleansing therapy for emotional and physical cleansing, use the magic healing technique to understand the relationship of your thought and emotions with the physical body. You can also check out the crystals for sale because each crystal has a potential to influence your energy flow and hence have a positive impact on your body.
You are the most important person in your own life. When you do not feel too good about your own self, it adversely affects the way others feel about you. It is important to sort out your personal issues and problems in order to have good self-esteem. You can go though the following text so that you come to a conclusion about what it is that you may need to correct within. Later you may opt for various techniques ranging from self-esteem positive affirmations , peace healing or sex healing.
Money is a very potent energy. A lot of people suffer either from fear of poverty or money phobia. In order to have a trouble free relationship with money we need to understand its dynamics in totality so that we can learn to make the best out of what money can offer to us in life.
Anything which connects us back to the greatest spirit, i.e. the creator, is spiritual in nature. May it be crystals available in the online crystal shop, may it be beads of Rudraksh or other healing products, may it be different kinds of meditations e.g. chakra cleansing meditation, self esteem meditation, self-forgiveness meditation, cleansing meditation or consciousness meditation. One does not really have to search for spirituality or spiritual experiences. Simply search for the barriers between you and the one which is whole and complete. Understand this barrier and find out the answers to many unanswered questions.
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